Friday, March 14, 2014

Diary of a Relapsed Runner: Tye Dye the Sky!

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Last Saturday I ran a race called Run or Dye, which is similar to the more popular Color Run. The Run or Dye race just happened to be right in town and some friends and coworkers had signed up, so I joined them.

The basic idea is that you wear white while running a 5k and people throw "dye" at you. It's really just a chalky powder that "Tye dyes the sky!" and you.

Being English teachers we decided to go with a nerdy grammar theme and decorated shirts accordingly. 

Here are some pictures of the aftermath! 

 In my post about resolutions I mentioned joining a gym and running in the morning. However, things have been crazy lately, and I keep finding excuses to not get to the gym consistently. At the beginning of Feb I ran two miles without stopping for the first time in a while. But despite my inconsistency in running, I did fairly well on my last 5k, which makes me happy. Back in high school Cross Country my best time was 21 flat, which averages to 7 minute miles. Now, I know for a fact that race I did not run all three miles. I'm truly a sprinter, as I've said before. I have a tendency to sprint long and hard, then power walk until I can sprint again. This doesn't work well on a treadmill (yea, I've tried!) but works exceptionally well on hills. I'm one of those rare runners who enjoys downhills because I don't try to slow down and hurt my knees. This 5k's course had it's fair amount of hills, which was nice. I ended the race in about 30 minutes. While I didn't specifically time it (and the race was more of a fun-run than a race, so they didn't track us with bibs or anything useful), the race was scheduled to start at 9am and I when I crossed the finish line and ran into my friend, she told me it was 10:30. However, after finding other people we came with and heading back to the car, we realized it was only just 10am. Kels realized she'd only looked at the minutes and not the hour, so it must've been only 9:30. 

Most of the dye washes right off (both you and your clothes) but we soon found that in places you sweat more, certain colors stain your skin for a few days. 


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