Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Candy Bouquets and Thank You Notes!

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It's that time of the year again! Yup... End of the school year! Two more days left, and both are minimum days. This was my first year at this school, and I think it went wonderfully. There were a lot of people, especially in the front office, who really helped me make this year what it was. Being new, there were a lot of things I didn't know... What forms to fill out, who to ask for what, the procedures for detention, ZAP, grade changes, referrals, days off, interventions, ELLs, trainings... the list goes on and on and on.

People in my district, and especially at my school, are helpful, sweet, and wonderful people. The majority of them go above and beyond their job descriptions, without even giving it a second thought. So I wanted to thank them.

Tabby's Bridal Shower [Update]

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Since I already updated that post once, due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided a secondary post would be ok.

Chocolate and Wine [May 4, 2013]

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Today I learned...

...ceramic bowls crack in the microwave. (I already knew that burnt chocolate smells up the whole kitchen...)

...turning the electric mixer on to 4 right away means that your kitchen will be covered in brown sugar.

...how to make whipped cream out of cheese.

...red wine and chocolate make a very deep purple when it spurts everywhere.

Yup. It's my mom's annual Wine and Chocolate party.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Not Always Related

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I needed a place to list these links. I love reading this website called Not Always Right and it has a sister site Not Always Related.

I've some success submitting funny family stories to Not Always Related. Apparently, that means my familia is amusing to others, which makes me even happier. So here are the stories that are of us.

Silencing the Voice of a Generation

You'll Be In Stitches

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Reputation!

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Yesterday I subbed a drama class for last period. Three of my students were in the class, but apparently other students knew me, too. As we entered, I told the students to sit in their assigned seats or I'd mark them absent.

One student obviously sat in his improper seat, as two of his classmates were trying desperately to get him to move. "Dude, go to your seat..." "She's gonna mark you absent!"

Another student asked me a question about something to do with promotion, but he used my name.
"Ms. B-, what do we do with..."

The student in the wrong seat? "Ms. B-?! Shoot!" I've never seen a kid move into his correct seat faster.

It was very hard not to do a fist pump. Yes! A reputation!

New Girl Amidst Chaos

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We have 10 days left of school.

I got a new student (new to the district!) last week. Noone responded to my e-mail about a transfer grade, or what to do with her since we were on our final project and she'd missed the lesson. Thankfully she turned out to be amazing.

When in doubt ...Call Dad.

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On Monday, last week, I drove my car to work. It was fine. Well, I thought it sounded a little "louder" than normal, but I don't know much about cars, and I had the radio off, so I chalked it up to that. I drove it from work to the dollar store, fine. I was in the dollar store for about 10 minutes ...car won't start.
Now, I drive a diesel, and I don't actually know much about cars. I did remember that in my old Mercedes diesel, I had to turn the key partway and wait until the glowplug light turned off, sometimes, before starting it all the way. So I turned it off, turned the key in partway, and waited for a bit, checking that the radio and lights were off, and that it was still in park. I tried again. Nope. Then I did what any smart girl does.

I called Dad.


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