Sunday, July 24, 2016

21 Day Fix

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I've had an interesting relationship with weight. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I would get reprimanded by strangers for not eating enough, called anorexic by peers, and even teased by friends about my lack of a butt. I never really took it to heart because I knew I ate more than enough. I had a high metabolism and I was always active. I did cheerleading for years, then ran cross country and track in high school. In college I kept running, and took up rock climbing. I graduated high school at 100 lbs. In college I joined ROTC, and, worried I wouldn't make the minimum weight for the PT test, starting eating fat-heavy foods like cottage cheese regularly.
When I started gaining weight, especially in my legs and butt area, I was like "woah, cool! Finally!"

Unfortunately, chronic bronchitis caused by increased allergies resulted in a cracked rib. Anyone who's had a cracked bone can tell you that there is no way you are going to run without serious pain. To be completely honest, walking and even opening doors hurt like crazy. And cracked ribs take a long time to heal. So while my workout habits changed, my eating habits didn't.


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