Sunday, November 25, 2012

Things to Remember in Our 20s

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So the base idea for my blog is this feeling of being in Limbo. That we haven't yet started real life. I try to keep non-craft or -education related life experiences out of this blog, but this is relevant.

Christmas Card Holder Wreath

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Christmas is coming! And I LOVE Christmas cards! But the problem is always finding a way to display them all.

Growing up we hung them on the wall with tape around the door way between the living room to the kitchen. As we moved, trying to find a place on the wall that had enough space got challenging. And in our new place, the tape and paint kept having fights. The paint won. We've also tried various cardboard and metal card holders from those catalog sales they send out in elementary school. Nothing worked well!

So when I saw this awesome idea, I got excited! I first got the idea from Pinterest, but the link lead to a photo. Good thing I'm creative.

Harley Quinn

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Way back in April I got the idea to be Harley Quinn for Halloween this year. For those of you who don't know who that is, she's the Joker's girlfriend in the old Batman Cartoons from when I was a kid.

Now, I absolutely love her, and I really loved the idea of her, but I did not want to wear a full on jumper suit, like she does in the cartoons.

I googled some costume ideas of her, and saw some pre-made costumes that were really ugly. But they did give me some ideas.


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