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Costume Inspiration: SciFi, Comic Book Characters, and Evil Villains

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I realized I never posted photos of my Halloween costume. Also, I had an Evil Villain themed birthday party this year. So here are some costume inspirations for ya!

To start with...

Halloween 2013! 
I wanted to be something uber nerdy, but I wanted a costume that was also crazy cheap. I decided on a Star Fleet Commander. I choose Commander because blue was the best option, color-wise. I'm not a fan of primary colors in general, and sky blue is better than any solid primary. So I started googling little blue dresses. I found a cheap one (7$!) online at Forever21. The only issue I had with it was the lack of back. So I improvised and added large bands of gold ribbon to the back to cover the bra straps and make sure it stayed on. Then I used puff paint to draw the insignia on. Ta-da!

Add some leggins and tall boots, and viola! I wore the same outfit to school, but with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. The best part of the day was when a coworker, dressed as Spock, popped into my room, did the hand gesture, and walked out. My kiddos had no idea what had just happened. 

Gabs was Poison Ivy. 

So was Lizz! 

But my favorite costume of the evening was Snow White. So simple, yet so perfect, in a very classic style! 

Though I have to give mad props to Vanellope from Wreckit Ralph who put real candy in her hair. 

And of course, Harley and Joker were present! Nikki did a great job sewing these costumes, complete with a bat dart sticking out of Joker's arm!

 And what would a Halloween Party be without some spooky themed food?

I found the idea for this on Pinterest and you can get the original post here. But basically, it's a bean dip (layered with whatever you favor) and I cut shapes out of tortillas and baked them. I honestly wasn't sure how sturdy the tortilla tree would be, but they turned out way more firm than I'd have expected and it lasted all night. 

Evil Villain Themed Birthday Party

After noticing how many Batman villains showed up at our Halloween party the last two years, I decided we should have a party where everyone is an evil villain. I decided on "evil villain" instead of "super villain" because it left more leeway. I myself wanted to be Maleficent. 

I got my nails done purple, and whipped together a small cape (way cheaper and easier than trying to buy one!) The hard part was figuring out her horns. So I bought some Styrofoam cones and wrapped them in black yarn. I added a purple ribbon to tie them to my head, but the effect was a bit comical. I didn't leave them on for long.

Gab made another appearance as Poison Ivy, but changed up her costume for comfort's sake.

I bought a cute black dress and a pair of neon green tights. Add some fancy makeup in my favorite colors, and instant Evil Villain! 

The Queen of Hearts made an appearance, as well as a Dalek! 

But my favorite picture from the night has no evidence of villains.


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