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Recipe: Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots

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It's the weekend before St. Patrick's Day, and that means our biggest party of the year! Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to craft (or blog!) so no new decorations this year. Fortunately, we have plenty of decor for this holiday.

However, after trying out a new recipe, I thought I'd share it with everyone prior to the holiday!

I've recently decided that Jello Shots would be "thing" to bring to parties, since the other recipes I'm good at are family recipes, and my Godmother has a monopoly on baked goods. Also, I've been super excited to try these out since I found the recipe on Pinterest last April.

And so ....Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots!

I originally found the recipe via Pinterest and you can find it here.

Same ingredients for an Irish Car Bomb, but add 5 Gelatin envelopes.

The recipe said to use 16 oz of Guinness and take 12 oz mixed with 4 envelops of gelatin. After heating that mixture, you add the other 4 oz of Guinness and then separate in half. I don't understand the science behind gelatin, so I did it as asked.

After the first layer of Guinness is down, it has to chill for 5-10 minutes according to the recipe but by 4 minutes it was almost totally set.

Meanwhile, you are heating the Bailey's and Jameson with gelatin (3 oz each, one packet of gelatin). Add ice cubes like the recipe says. I know this from experience. I tried to make layered Jello Shots for my birthday a few years ago and the top layer melted the bottom layer and they just ended up mixing the colors.

Layer the creame and whiskey and chill again for 5-10 minutes.

Meanwhile, you're supposed to be continually stirring the rest of the Guinness mixture so it doesn't set up. However, after 10 minutes, it did set up, and stirring just kinda made a mess.

(Ps, the creamy flecks? The head of the Guinness turned to gelatin, lol. So pour carefully, even after heating on the stove!)

 I was tempted to leave the Jello Shots as-is with the Bailey's and Jameson sitting on top, but then I was struck with an idea. I re-heated the Guinness mixture and added it on top.

Whether or not it sets up is something I will find out tomorrow. I'm not sure if the top layer is lighter because it was poured more often (more head), because it was re-heated, or because I added ice cubes to cool it (diluted?). Perhaps it's lighter because it just hasn't set yet. Either way, I'll find out tomorrow! You'll also have to just imagine the taste, because I'm not a fan of Guinness or Irish Car Bombs (but 'tis the season!) and will likely not be tasting them myself.


My last attempt at layered Jello Shots, as mentioned above.

I tipped them to make it look cool, but failed to cool the second layer.

The green kinda melted into the blue and became teal. I tried to keep it tipped so they would set up better, and got this.


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