Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When in doubt ...Call Dad.

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On Monday, last week, I drove my car to work. It was fine. Well, I thought it sounded a little "louder" than normal, but I don't know much about cars, and I had the radio off, so I chalked it up to that. I drove it from work to the dollar store, fine. I was in the dollar store for about 10 minutes won't start.
Now, I drive a diesel, and I don't actually know much about cars. I did remember that in my old Mercedes diesel, I had to turn the key partway and wait until the glowplug light turned off, sometimes, before starting it all the way. So I turned it off, turned the key in partway, and waited for a bit, checking that the radio and lights were off, and that it was still in park. I tried again. Nope. Then I did what any smart girl does.

I called Dad.

Of course, while on the phone with Daddy, it started.
That's always how it works, right? Have a technical issue, show Dad, and boom, no more issue. 

Dad reminded me that we had just replaced my battery last summer, because it was faulty. He said that it shouldn't be an issue, but that I should go to an auto parts store and have them test my battery and the energy currents.
First he told me to drive it around for 10 minutes to make sure the car charged up the battery. I did. Then I went to Auto Zone, because there's one by my house. They checked my battery and said it was fine, and so was the alternator. One of the guys also said my car sounded wrong. Lots of people tell me this, not realizing it's a diesel. I told him this, and he said, "but always this loud? Like something is clanking around."

I called Dad again. He said to take it to a mechanic. I asked the Auto Zone guy if he knew a place that worked on VWs. German cars are weird, and America/Japanese mechanics don't know anything about them. That much, I know for a fact.

He recommended a place nearby and gave me directions. I drove out there and saw that it said "Volvo" really big. I nearly panicked, and left, but then decided to ask them. So I did. They said yes! And took my car.

Thankfully I have friends in town. I called Jen to pick me up, asked her to drive me to school tomorrow, and thanked her profusely.

The next day the mechanic called and said that my car needed three new glow plugs, needed the harness replaced, and the relay. Now, my dad new about the harness, and said that glow plugs are easy to replace and that I would likely be fine to drive it around town and bring it home on Saturday and he'd fix it then. So I went to pick it up and...  it wouldn't start.

I called Dad.

Dad talked to the mechanic. once point I heard the mechanic respond to Dad, "Yes, we're European!" ..., I don't know what my Daddy said, but the mechanic had the lady refund me for diagnosing my car, and then promised he'd get it started for me.

He did, and swore it wouldn't start again the next morning. I told him I didn't know anything about cars and my dad had told me to drive it to him.

Dad told me to drive it back to their house and take his car. So I take my now-started car and get onto the freeway and give my car some gas to get it up to speed and ...I'm going 40... 20... and dead. I pull onto the side of the entrance, and call Dad.

Daddy asks if I still have AAA, which I don't. Then tells me to call Geico and see if I have roadside assistance in my plan. I don't, but they still transfer me to a local and vetted tow company who tows me to the VW dealership. [Sidenote: Geico's customer service is the BEST. -- and we all know how much good customer service means to me.]

VW takes my car, and I write out the info and leave it there. They call the next day and tell me what's what, and I tell Dad, and Daddy calls them, and tells them what to do, and by Friday evening I can pick my car up and it works!

So Saturday I drive home and Sunday morning Mom calls Dad from the gym ...her car won't start.

...Off to the dealership again!

When my sister called for Mother's Day, Dad asked her how her car was running. She said fine, slightly confused. He said good, since all three of ours had been at the dealership this month. [We all have VWs].

Yes, all our cars are up and running again. Despite exorbitant dealership charges, at least they know their stuff.


Roadrunner on May 23, 2013 at 9:14 AM said...

I have a theory that the world as we know it will cease to exist within our lifetime. Actually a more precise time will be when the last of the baby boomers die out. When our daddies are no more, transportation will be no more. In fact, nothing will ever get fixed. The entire world will break. Our generation will just break down and cry. It will be worse than A Day Without A Mexican.

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