Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Reputation!

at 7:53 PM
Yesterday I subbed a drama class for last period. Three of my students were in the class, but apparently other students knew me, too. As we entered, I told the students to sit in their assigned seats or I'd mark them absent.

One student obviously sat in his improper seat, as two of his classmates were trying desperately to get him to move. "Dude, go to your seat..." "She's gonna mark you absent!"

Another student asked me a question about something to do with promotion, but he used my name.
"Ms. B-, what do we do with..."

The student in the wrong seat? "Ms. B-?! Shoot!" I've never seen a kid move into his correct seat faster.

It was very hard not to do a fist pump. Yes! A reputation!


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