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If you're reading this right now, you're probably one of my friends and therefore you know just how much I'm on Pinterest... The fact that there's an iPhone app just makes it more accessible.

BUT I feel fully justified in being on there because I'm actually utilizing ideas I get from there.

Some examples that aren't complicated enough for a tutorial are pictured below.

 This was a dollar store frame I bought in college. It used to be a sage green, which almost matched my decor at the time. But it currently just clashed with everything. Realizing I owned a teal acrylic from when I did my button art so I pulled it out and fixed it up. Now my frame looks amazing in my living room.

 NEVER would have imagined painting my knife block if it wasn't for Pinterest. I saw it on there, and the idea got planted in my mind. I kept thinking about it, but it was hard for me to wrap my mind around it. My knife block was my mom's for my entire life until she got a brand new knife set for Christmas about 5 years ago. This one was then given to me, but it's still stuck in my head that it's "Mom's" and I shouldn't mess with it. Well, I finally just did it. And I LOVE it. It brightens up my kitchen, and it matches my coffee pot. Great way to add a pop of color to the kitchen.

 Sitting around, surfing on Pinterest... and I saw a jewelry holder made from a bulletin board. Now, I had an excess of bulletin boards, so I was very excited to find a use for them. At my last school I had a classroom with blank walls, so I bought a bunch of cheap bulletin boards from Target (7.99 each, and they are BIG ~ as you can see in the picture above, bigger than my coffee table top). Unfortunately, we moved classrooms within a month and I ended up sharing with multiple other teachers and had no wall space... and my new classroom has tons of bulletin board space already... so I have an excess amount of bulletin boards. I also, always, have extra cloth. So I searched my craft bin, found some awesome cloth, and went to work.

Some tips:
Paint the edges first. (I didn't... and you can tell when you look close)
Have a GOOD stapler (I went through three at home, almost breaking them, before I got my good one from work)
Add some ribbon that earrings can poke through (an idea from college from my friend Michelle) and upcycle a wire heart that was the top of gift box (I've kept it for years because I always knew there had to be a use for it ~ Glad to finally find one!) and voila! (Holding up the necklaces are clear pushpins) 

 Then I decided to revamp an old photo hanger I had. I've had this for years, and its cute and useful, but baby pinks and yellows are just not my thing.
So I pulled the ribbons off, and recovered the cloth part. I added new ribbons, and some bright buttons. It was really fun to use my glue gun. I don't know why I decided to use staples and tacky glue when I did this craft but I will never do that again. Glue gun, for the win!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed and possibly got inspired!


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