Saturday, August 25, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

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While working my beloved job of camp director, I was still constantly scanning the job postings and sending in applications for a teaching position, knowing that recreation cannot afford me a living.
Then, all at once, I had three interviews in, like, a week. Woah.

The first was for a school in Antioch where they needed a full time activities director. Talk about dream position. Full time, with benefits, plus a stipend, to teach two periods of leadership (no curriculum) and run the school's activities? Combine both my jobs together for one awesome position? I was ecstatic. And hopeful.

Then I got an interview for a high school in Salinas. I drove down and interviewed. Again, I loved the school, and loved the city. My only concern was that it would be 9th grade ELL. While I'm qualified to teach it, it's not actually something I've had experience in, and it was further from home than Antioch.

My third interview was for a junior high in Concord. 7th grade CORE (social studies and English). Technically, I was only qualified for half of that, and while the school was older build, I still thought I could be comfortable there, especially since it was the closest to home.

All of the schools said I'd hear around the following Monday.

Monday came and went, and I didn't hear from any of them. Tuesday, I get a phone call from another school in Salinas. This time, it was for a junior high. They need an 8th grade English teacher. Ok, cool. 8th grade is my favorite age group, and my favorite curriculum.
However, because I was running to get there after working at camp, I totally forgot to print an updated resume and reference list until I got out of the car for the interview. It was a panel interview, which made me very nervous, and I pretty much thought it was the worst interview I'd ever done. 

By Wednesday, they're calling my references.

At this point, I decided to call back the other schools to see what was up. Antioch already hired, Concord didn't know what they were doing, and the other school in Salinas had recommended me to to this school.

After some issues with my credentialing program, I was hired on Monday.


I absolutely love Salinas. I have a cute apartment. I'm close enough to home to visit on weekends. And while Salinas is about the same distance away from home as Modesto was, people are already more excited to visit because of the other attractions nearby (Gilroy, Monterrey, and Santa Cruz, just to name a few...).

And the best part? My school. My coworkers, admin, and district are all so VERY supportive for their new teachers. I've bonded with three other new teachers at our school and we lunch together every day. My BTSA support provider is in the classroom next to mine and teaching the same grade and subject as me.

And the very very best part?

... I HAVE A CLASSROOM. It's mine, all mine. I don't have to share it. I don't have to give it up. And I won't have to move next year! So. Excited.

The pictures are from before I spruced it up. I'll post some updated ones later. 


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