Thursday, March 22, 2012

Craft: Wall Art!

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Here are some easy and cheap ways to decorate your walls, and make them your own! It seems that art these days, even from places like Walmart and Target, is so expensive! And to top it off, it's unoriginal! They have at least 20 pieces exactly the same at the store you're in, and who knows how many people have them hanging on their walls already!
So... here are a couple of ways to remedy that!

The easiest: Find an old notecard or postcard that someone sent you, and frame it.
My friend sent me this card, and I had it standing on my end table for a couple of months because it's just so cute! It kept falling over when the wind blew or someone walked by, though. I was rummaging through my craft bin and came across a wooden frame I had stolen the glass out of, and creativity hit! Voila! Into the frame went the card. Now it can permanently live on my table.


Easy, simple, adorable.

The other project involves a little more effort on your part.

So I found this awesome iPhone app that is apparently a spin-off of a website that compiles craft blogs. It's called Craft Gawker and I originally got this project idea from that app. The original blog had more complicated instructions which I read after making it up based off the picture, haha!

So. Start with a frame or two.

I got some cheap ones from Walmart.

I also bought some paint to
match my bathroom color scheme.

 First step: Paint your picture frames! I had to do a couple coats, especially since the frames were already a shiny black.


The next step is to cut some white cardstock to fit the frame. Then pick out some lovely buttons. They can be from your stash, or you can buy colorful packs from places like Michael's, JoAnnes, Hooby Lobby, or Walmart. I got mine from Michael's. I wanted bright colors!

Choose the design/order you want your buttons to be in, and glue them down with Tacky Glue.

When the frames are dry, put the cardstock into them.

Note: You'll have to leave the glass off in order for the buttons to fit.

                       Hang and enjoy!


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