Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unicorns and Bacon

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My good friend Stacy threw a party for our friend Elena. Elena's birthday coincided with the end of the school year, and she's leaving us to go to college next year, so we wanted a big shindig! Stacy, in all her creative awesomeness, themed the party Unicorns and Bacon. So, of course, I went to Pinterest to comply with the theme!

Photos and recipes below!

First up I had to create some yummy-ness.

I ended up making two bacon-themed recipes.

I started with Bacon Blondies and used the recipe from Oh, Bite It, minus the honey bourbon topping (mostly because I didn't have any bourbon).
It ended up being super easy, super gooey, and very very dangerously addictive.

Next I wanted to make some chocolate peanut butter bacon truffles. I've made truffles before and I really like how they turn out, usually, but these were amazingly easy. It wasn't until after I made them and went back to the site to look at the recipe again that I realized it was from the CandiQuik company blog. You can get the recipe here. I had never heard of CandiQuik until I made these, and I must say I am in love with the product. They made my truffles so much easier! I went to the store to buy things for this party with the thought that I wouldn't be able to find the truffle ingredients at Safeway, but I found them super quickly. 

The CandiQuik really made dipping truffles so much easier and they don't look like the hot mess I usually make truffles.  I just noticed that I don't have a post about my favorite truffles so I'll be amending that soon.

Now, you can't have a birthday without cake! Or at least cupcakes. My cake pan was MIA so I improvised! 

Since it was a unicorn themed party, rainbows were implied.  That means you start with fun-fetti cake mix! Followed up by some purple frosting, because I really just wanted a reason to use purple frosting (I mean seriously, who wouldn't?)

I added a rainbow and a unicorn!

And since I had some extra cupcakes and extra bacon....

This happened. 

Think that's enough bacon and unicorn themed food for one day of cooking? You're right! 

But wait, there's more! I had to craft as well! 

The birthday girl needed a unicorn horn. I took some pink felt and twisted it up, using hot glue to hold it together. I added a hair clip to the bottom, and voila! Unicorn horn in 5 minutes or less! I didn't even have to go to the store for this craft! (...yes, that means I have random felt lying around my house... duh, doesn't everyone?)

We all had a blast, and other people created bacon and rainbow themed food stuffs as well (but alas, I don't have the recipe for the amazing cheesy-bacon-bomb-biscuits Ashleigh made...)


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