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Subscription Boxes

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Subscription Boxes are the new craze and it seems like everyone has to have them! From Birchbox to Lootcrate, there are choices for makeup, Japanese snacks, video games, doggie treats, and so much more! The idea is that you pay a fee per month and every month a package shows up at your door filled with awesomeness. Now, I love packages. And, to be honest, I love fads. So I wanted in on this. I scoured the internet for different boxes that would suit me (and there were upwards of a thousand) but I came to the conclusion I didn't need 5 new pieces of jewelry every month (I barely wear what I have) or a sampling of beauty products I will never use, or a new lipstick in every shade imaginable. So I gave up looking.

And then. My friend Sarah tagged me in a random post on Instagram. @earthcookiecreates was offering something called a "Jane Box" and my friend, knowing my love of Jane Austen, though I'd be interested. Boy was I interested. So I bought one. Not a normal subscription box because it was a one-time offer, but it ended up being my gateway in.

The Jane Box
What could be better than a box filled with Jane Austen paraphernalia? Knowing it was all hand-crafted by little indie craft stores!

My first look at The Jane Box was adorable! I love the way @earthcookiescreates packages everything with such care!

The first item I saw was the darling bag "Mr. Darcy makes me swoon" she created just for the box.
So many cute things! I have Jane Austen quote bookmarks, silhouettes to hang up, postcards, and miniatures book plats, as well as the most delicious cookie I ever had by @societysweets.

I loved it so much, I started following @earthcookiecreates on Instagram and found out she does a subscription as well. It's called Earth Cookie's Package of Pretties (ECPOP).

My very first ECPOP was adorable! And they just keep getting better.
Actually, she does mini ECPOPs, too, and my first was a mini.

Again with the adorable packaging! 

Filled with super cute goodies! 

Unfortunately Paige is discontinuing her ArtsyCrush, but I'm so glad I was able to get in on it as she was ending. Paige, at Artsy Anthropologyhad a subscription box where she made adorable little bags and stuffed them full of items from other indie craft shops each month. The sponsor items are great, but my favorite part is the adorable little bags she makes. I was lucky to start a subscription in Feb. Her final ArtsyCrush goes out in July and you can still sign up on her shop on Sundays at 5pm PST.

Here is the first one I ever got.
I use the little heart bag for my washi tape, and I couldn't have gotten a better shirt than that! Some of the smaller items I save for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. The last one I got was the perfect shape for my pens (but I forgot to take a picture!)

The Planner Society Kit
Through the Instagram crafting society, I somehow came across lovely @theresetgirl, Cori, (more about her in another post about #listersgottalist) who introduced me to @theplannersociety who started a planner kit subscription box. Each month they send stickers, paper clips, custom created scrapbooking paper, and other cute odds and ends! Last month I got the cutest little camera charm and some camera shaped paperclips.

The Messy Box
Somehow, through the Instagram planner community, I stumbled across @abeautifulmessofficial Now, they actually offer two subscription kits. One is called Happy Mail and is a set of notecards for you to use each month. The one I signed up for is called The Messy Box and is really set up for using a Project Life style scrapbook album (which I don't use) but the papers, stickers, and little cardstock cards they add into the box are useful for my planner, my scrapbooking, and other general crafts.

Also, just watch their unboxing video and you'll see how adorable these two sisters are! 

Jamberry StyleBox
The last subscription box I've been sampling is the Jamberry Stylebox.

My coworker and friend recently became a consultant and we've all started using them. Overall, they are cheaper than the gel manicures I was doing. They do last quite some time (2ish weeks on my nails, give or take a few days, and over a month on my toes) and stand up to most things. If I were still working day camps I would stay with gels, because those stand up to  paint, tye-dye, opening key chains, dirt, chalk, etc. The Jamberries work better than nail polish, for sure, but opening key chains, and certain pens can ruin them. They do handle dish washing and hair washing, which is super important.

The biggest plus for me is that I love designs. I was always using Pinterest to find new nail designs and the ladies doing my manicures would get frustrated over trying to get them right. With Jamberries there are so many adorable designs to try, that it's become quite an addiction. I love having the ability to have cute designs, and be able to change them, any time I wanted.

Also, there's absolutely no dry time! 

So I subscribed to their Stylebox. Each month they send two new Jams, and something else random. Except one time they sent one of their nail polishes (which, to me, kind of defeats the purpose of using Jams?). They also sent a "stencil" set for the nail polish one month, but it was really one-time use stencils. This month they sent temporary tattoos. At first, the Jams they sent were super awesome, but lately they've been a little bit weird. Its ok, because the Jamberry community loves trades, so I'll be able to get something I want for the ones I don't, and since they're exclusive to the Stylebox, they'll be in hot demand soon (I hope? lol!)

An example of what comes in the Style Box.

Below are a few examples of my favorite "Jamicures" (not necessarily using Jams from the StyleBox)


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