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I have this thing where I tend to feel more connected to people whose lives hit mine at a tangent than is necessarily normal, I think. But because of it, I tend to stay in touch with people better, from random and obscure times in my life. This helped me stay connected to friends I'd made long after moving away.
Once in a while, it also allows me the opportunity to say, "Hey, I know this dude!" about some amazingly inspirational people, and to live vicariously through their adventures.

I've written about some people who've inspired me in my journey, like teachers and such, and I intend to include more of those in the future.

But since this is a blog for people my age who are struggling to find out who they are and what they want to be, I want to showcase our peers.

I've already written about David, who strove to break the world record for the most amount of hugs given in one day. He didn't beat the record that year, but plans to try again soon. However, he recently completely uprooted his life to live in Hawaii and finish writing a book about the life of his dear friend, Angel. He is constantly inspiring me.

Today, though, I want to introduce you to another amazingly inspirational person.

This is a story about Timmy.

Timmy and I were in the same 5th and 6th grade classes together. New to the area the year before, I transferred tracks (year-round schools) prior to 5th grade starting. Kids in elementary school are always cliche-y, especially when they've lived in the same town, and gone to the same school, with the same people since kindergarten. Timmy was one of the few who was nice to a lonely girl. He was one of the "cool" kids (though I believe was due to his personable nature), which I find slightly ironic when compared to his current lifestyle, and I wouldn't be shocked if he never realized that.

Recently, he started a project on Kickstarter which I shared on Facebook with something along the lines of, "this kid has always inspired me." I wasn't lying.

I remember that he's always been a great writer. One time, in 6th grade, a teacher accused him of plagiarizing a story because it was "too good" to be written by someone our age. I remember being upset for him because I'd known how awesome his writing was for over a year. And now? It's what he's doing with his life. Well, partly.

He's also traveling. And taking pictures. And creating videos. Which is what this project is about.

Way back when, he wanted to be one of the first people on Mars. Since that hasn't happened yet, it only makes sense that he chose the next-farthest place to travel to. India.

On October 20, 2013, he bought a ticket to India. Then reality set in and he realized he was flat broke and that his lifestyle wasn't capable of sustaining him. Instead of running scared, he decided to take this opportunity to improve his life and to find himself.

His blog is inspirational, not in the fact that he's traveling in India with no plans for two months (though that is inspirational in and of itself) but because he has no fear of sharing his fears.

Like everyone else I know my age, he has no fucking clue what life holds for him. He's taking what life's given him and making the best of it, and that's the inspirational part.

Start at the beginning of his journey and follow him through his hopes and dreams. See yourself through his words, as he confesses his weaknesses and plans to improve. Be inspired by his passion and gratitude as he works towards his goal. Live vicariously through his travels; through the pictures and prose he's so adept at.

[Addendum]: While in India he was asked to speak at a TEDx Talk. See it here.

Part of why we build community is to help inspire others. Who inspires you?


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