Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Perks of Mid-Twenties

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While going about my day today I noticed that there are some pretty awesome perks of being 26. So I thought I'd blog, since my last one was about feeling nostalgic and lost. I don't want people to think that I'm a "Debbie-Downer," after all!

But to start it off, I want to backtrack a bit...

So yesterday I was frustrated because Comcast has an internet outage in my area (it's better today, however still intermittent ~ It's actually blinking off right now, but I'm hopeful it will be up by the time I'm ready to post) and I wasn't able to do things I needed to get done yesterday. I've been fortunate enough to get them done today after work, and am pretty happy about it.

Monday over half of my students failed to bring their outline to class completed, so I've scheduled mandatory after school tutorials all week.

That means I'm giving up my time to stay late and work with students who need extra help, or who chose not to do the work.

Yesterday the majority of my students needed the extra help, but a handful were just there because their parents made them come, and they were trying to be disruptive.

Today, the disruptive ones did not show up, and I was able to work productively with the few that did.

(I scheduled different students for different days, based on periods).

So after dealing with that, and finding out my e-mail had been hacked from the UK, and having no internet, I was still able to come home and be productive and file my taxes.

And that's when the inspiration hit me.

There are some pretty awesome perks to being my age.

[Sidenote: now my cable is out, too]

20-somethings with nothing tying them down, and no families, can pick up and move whenever we feel like it.

While doing my taxes, I found out that I make more for my time at my summer job than I did at my teaching job last year.

So I quit it, found another, and moved over 150 miles.

On top of that? When you move due to a new job, you get a tax refund for moving expenses.

I get a tax refund for renting my apartment, too.

And for registering a vehicle.

What?! All these things I thought of as hassles? Well, they are hassles. That's probably why the government decides to reimburse us for them.

Pretty ficken' sweet.

Other perks? I can spend the entire weekend out with friends, and still be ready to work on Monday.

And when I stay late at school, I don't have a family waiting at home.

I know, it doesn't sound like much. But the past couple of days have been hard, mentally, on me, and realizing that there are some pretty awesome perks, really helped perk me right back up!

I hope they gave you some perspective, too.

[yay, cable and internet are both back up!]

PS: Had my post-eval meeting after my second (final, for the year) observation yesterday. Pretty sure I'm well liked and going to be able to stay here next year. <3 


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