Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Card Holder Wreath

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Christmas is coming! And I LOVE Christmas cards! But the problem is always finding a way to display them all.

Growing up we hung them on the wall with tape around the door way between the living room to the kitchen. As we moved, trying to find a place on the wall that had enough space got challenging. And in our new place, the tape and paint kept having fights. The paint won. We've also tried various cardboard and metal card holders from those catalog sales they send out in elementary school. Nothing worked well!

So when I saw this awesome idea, I got excited! I first got the idea from Pinterest, but the link lead to a photo. Good thing I'm creative.

50 pack of wooden clothes pins
Circle/wreath frame (I used cardboard, but I'd suggest wood due to the weight of the clothes pins)
Paint in your color of choice
Hot glue gun

Start by painting the clothes pins.

I bought some pretty glittery paint. I thought it would suffice alone, but I found out that I needed a base coat of white.

I painted one side of all of them, let it dry, then painted the second. I added the glitter paint to the pins last.

Waiting for the paint to dry takes the most time. The rest of the project is very quick.

Lay the pins out on the frame, clippy-side out. Glue them down one by one with the glue gun.

Add ribbon, and voila!
[I put a bit of cardboard on the back to help stabilize the ribbon.]


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