Thursday, April 26, 2012

Purple Cupcake Fiasco!

at 9:10 PM
So I went to make my friend Gabrielle some cupcakes. She really loves the Pink Champagne Cupcake recipe I found in a Betty Crocker cookbook. And her favorite color is purple.
So I set about making a batch of purple champagne cupcakes.

All was going well, until I went to put the second tray of cupcakes into the oven. My kitchen is fairly small, and so I only opened the oven door half-way. As I was putting the tray in, the oven door started to close. I let go of the tray to catch the falling door... The door closed anyway, my finger was slightly burnt, and, well... the cupcake tray went upside down into the oven.


After cleaning up the mess in the oven, I went on to make the frosting. This resulted in powdered sugar everywhere, I quickly recovered. 

The cupcakes turned out to be wonderful!
So I drove three hours to see her only to find out she wasn't allowed to eat homemade food. And then I ate cupcakes all week. There's goes the diet!


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