Thursday, September 8, 2016

Country Heat

at 6:21 PM
I love country music. Always have.

My first favorite song was Achey Breaky Heart. (My kindergarten crush brought it in for show and tell XD )

My dad used to tease me. "What, I didn't raise you to like country music!"
My response was always, how can I not? I grew up in South Carolina, then moved to Idaho and went to school in Arizona. It's in my blood.

So when I saw an ad from my favorite workout program's company (Beach Body) for a country music workout... I said yes!

It's Autumn Calabrese again. She's the lady who created and runs the 21 Day Fix program. And the Country Heat program comes with the same meal plan idea. This plan is supposed to be for 30 days (of the meal plan and workouts).

They give a suggested workout plan that has Sunday's off.

It comes on this giant poster. It has 30(ish) minute workouts. Each workout dvd has a "breakdown" option, to teach you the moves. That part is also 30(ish) minutes. Since the schedule has the same workout two days in a row, I think the idea is to do the breakdown one day and then do it again the next.
There are 5 "routines" a dance conditioning workout they suggest doing once a week, and a bonus line dance.

Today was my first day doing it. So I did the breakdown for the first routine and then did the routine  - an hour workout. And boy did I workout!

One of the reasons I bought this was that I was getting bored of the workouts on the 21 Day Fix dvds and tended to skip the weight conditioning workouts. I enjoyed the aerobics. So with the dancing, I get lots of aerobics.

Also, I love country. I was secretly hoping it would teach me some more dance moves to use at the country bars.
There were a few that I could transfer, and some I knew from drama class, like the box step and the grapevine. But mostly it was workout moves to country music. Which, worked for me!

Even when I did the moves wrong, I was still working out and having fun.

The breakdown part did a fairly good job of teaching the moves. It tended to go faster on the left side, after going super slow on the right. And I'm not very coordinated, so I needed to pause and rewind and redo some of the moves a few times.

All in all, I look forward to many more days of dancing!

Sidenote: I've been eating fairly well since I finished my last Fix over a month ago and have even lost 2 more pounds since, without working out.

So my plan is to sporadically do these workouts, and continue my eating habits, and see how it goes for a month. Then I'll likely do the 21 Day Fix eating plan again.


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