Monday, September 29, 2014

Busy Summer

at 6:34 PM
Wow. It was a busy summer. My mom recently purchased a new condo, except it's only new to her. It's actually about as old as I am ...and so were all the appliances.

We spent most of the summer on small projects around the house which I will catalog here.

This is the before of the kitchen, with the old and weird appliances. We ordered a new dishwasher, stove/oven, and a hood with microwave built in. Unfortunately, they couldn't install the microwave hood due to how the cabinets were laid out, so we returned it and had to install our own. 

Yup! That's right... Momma and I figured out how to install a hood all by ourselves (and YouTube)! 

The main issue was that the hood didn't come with a plug attached. We problem-solved by using Google, and mom's knowledge of electricity from her high school shop class (yea, why don't we have those anymore??) and attached a plug cut from a power strip. 
The ducting was easy, after that. Though I should point out that I learned the difference between real duct tape and the kind we use for everything. The former is actual sheets of metal on sticky stuff. Pretty fricken' cool if you ask me! (Hmm, what craft ideas can we create from that?!) 

Next we had to get rid of that ugly hanging lamp hazard on the left. We replaced it with a gorgeous little lamp! 

Mom's electric-skills came into play again. We also learned how not to cut metal (...with a Dremel...). We had attachments! ...there were tiny metal bits all over for the next week. 

Then there was the issue with the washer/dryer... The condo came with a dryer, so mom bought a washer. The washer got delivered but not installed, so we had to do that. That required more YouTube and some borrowed strength. Of course, after the washer was ready, we found out the dryer didn't work ... so new dryer! And to top it all off, neither fit in the closet with the doors on, so mom improvised and made curtains. 

The next project I undertook was cutting holes in the back of a new cabinet to set up all of mom's electronics (and don't get me started on the issues of trying to connect the wireless to the bluray player ><;; )

Lastly, we recovered the kitchen chairs to match the new place. This is something we've done before, and pretty simple to do (as long as you have a nail gun!). 

We also had to figure out how to change the locks. For the record, it's a lot harder to put them back in than it is to take them out. Pay attention to the directions things are before you take them out. 


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