Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PhotoBlast: Making Cozy

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I know, I know, I blog like I do anything else... I go through bursts where you get three posts in a day, and then have to wait for my next burst. Sorry, but that's how I am with everything.

Anyway... This is a blog about the experience of being 20-something and making a career out of a job, a home out of an apartment, and a life out of all this. So I wanted to share some things I've added to my home.

My favorite recent purchase is this lovely stepping stool. I no longer have to drag my one and only chair across my house to hang things, see on top of my dryer, or get my baking supplies from the top cabinet. 
This originally had suction cups, which worked well in my last place. However, the tile in this bathroom is bumpy. So I'm using waterproof Command Strips to hold it up. 

Recently PG&E came to my door to let me know that my complex approved their Community Services program to update out apartments to be more energy efficient. 

I'm still not quite sure why they replaced my showerhead... 

But they gave me a new light fixture and some bulbs for my bathroom.

And weather proofed my door! Yay, no more bugs. 

This was after my complex replaced all our toilets. 

I like to continually update the frames in my hall. They were originally put in to hold holiday-themed prints, but there aren't any holidays nearby, so I went for inspirational. 

I doubt I'll complete my to-do list this summer, but I am making progress! I think I'll just continue it on until it's completed. 


I got this little candle holder for about a dollar at Michael's and put in a fake candle to sit on my outdoor table. Just my colors!

I've been looking for a cross to put on my wall, and I found this one at the County Fair. I love the beachy feel, and it fits my color theme sweetly. 

My mom wanted to make sure that I wasn't hanging the cross above my bed, since it's made on concrete. It's in my hallway, with my other knickknacks. 

I forget, did I show you my $5 find at a thrift store? 

 Some of my favorite frames, and some of my favorite photos. 
I know I posted the frame on the right before, but it was empty at the time. 

I found this lovely cross at Harris Ranch on our way back from Disney Land. I wanted this style to hang where I hung the seashell one, but couldn't pass up how pretty this was. 

I seriously need to find a solution for my hats! 

The medal from the 5k my dad and I ran on Father's Day.



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