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Totally Awesome To-Do List Summer 2013

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Summer is coming! It's in the air. The kids are squirrely, the air is getting warmer, and we have only about a month left of class.

This is the first summer in a very long time where I haven't had whole-summer plans; between working, volunteering, and attending day camps; summer jobs; summer classes; and study abroad, it's been a very long time since I'd been able to anticipate a summer off. I am so excited!

Going along with my New Years resolution to start enjoying life, I've been working on creating awesome summer plans. Ok, so my resolution was supposed to focus on less planning, stressing, and preparing for the future... but I figured a little bit of planned fun couldn't hurt. Also, I do have some commitments already, such as trainings and conferences for work. There are also some things I enjoy, that happen around the area during the summer, that I wasn't able to do the past year. And it is beyond sad that the past two summers I went to the beach a total of once (and that was for the Boardwalk with my students last year).

So I scoured Pinterest and blogs to find a printable Summer To-Do Checklist. And I found a ton ...mostly aimed towards people with small children. Using my own ideas, and ideas from various other blogs, I decided to create my own.

Here are some of my favorites that I found:

This Summer Adventure Checklist had a lot of great ideas, but I didn't like how it looked. Also, the link on Pinterest was to Tumblr, and broken. But the pinned picture is still useful.

This tutorial on Sassy Sites was very well done.

Fingerprints on the Fridge also had a very adorable framed to-do list complete with tutorial and links to other tutorials.

I also got a lot of good ideas from EvY at HomE, who does a summer check list annually.

Evy's page also reminded me that it was ok to have some non-generic items on my checklist. I was debating doing that, because there are a lot of local-specific things I want to do this summer. In the end I made a very big check list, with sections.

It also makes it easier to share, by section.

The one I think most people will probably like to borrow, is the one I labeled "Be a Kid!"

I also have some specific to my area.

 And then some even more specific ones.    

 Then I put it all together in a large picture frame. I had found some paper I absolutely loved and used it for a background. The paper had distressed edges and so I cut the edges of two to paste them together without losing the edging. 

Then I glued them to the back of the frame. 

Then I printed the above lists onto matte photo paper (I'm out of cardstock, and have an overabundance of the matte paper, which I don't enjoy using for photos) and cut out the lists to lay them out. 

I didn't want the lists to be permanent, so I only used to regular tape to stick them down. Zots, glue, etc are more permanent and will ruin the background if I decided to change it up for next year. 

Then I put it into a frame and hung it up! Now I can use a dry erase marker to mark things off! 

Now to figure out who is going to do which activity with me!


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