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Craft: Magnets!

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I originally learned this at an Arts and Crafts Faire in run by one of my bosses and her friends in Niles, about 3 years ago. The exhibition of the craft used things like modge podge and UV lighting to dry it, and had a tool to bend the metal of the bottle caps to look cool. I've made some modifications, in the name of cheapness and laziness.

You'll notice that I'll do a lot of different types of crafting... but I don't modify metals, mess with glass, or cut wood. I prefer things that involve paper, cloth, or glue. I love glue. Like, seriously love glue. And stickers. And glitter.

...and this craft uses all three (glue, stickers, and glitter) !!!

These are the originals I made at the Faire.

These are my most recent batches.

The How-to:

 If you're using bottle caps, you'll start by painting them. Nail polish works great! It doesn't peel, and it's already got a finish to it, so it looks nice. Make sure you paint the insides as well as the outsides. Getting all the ridges can be tricky, and your fingers will get covered in nail polish. You may have to use multiple coats, depending on the color (and brand) of your polish. Sally Hansen and Wet n Wild polishes work great! [side note: I do not make money off this site. Just giving my opinion on product.]
You'll notice on the left that the teal and purple one are glittery. I just added a top coat of glitter polish to them, after the original color dried.

As for obtaining bottle caps? I just have my family and friends save them for me whenever they drink things that come in bottles. I love crafting, so my friends are used to weird requests like "save me some bottle caps," "I need two baby food jar lids," and "it's toilet-paper-roll-saving time again!" [I work at a day camp during the summer ~ you'd be amazing at how many different art projects can be created with toilet paper rolls!]

While you're waiting for your nail polish bottle caps to dry, it's time to find some pretty paper (or stickers or glitter, or anything flat, really) to put in the bottle cap. You need some clear half-marbles for this part.
*You can get them small, or larger. For bottle caps, use the small size!
They are usually sold in the flower arrangement section, because people put them in the bottoms of vases. Surprisingly, they cost less at craft stores like Michael's and JoAnn's, than they do at places like Target. You can also get them at the dollar stores. Do not get the matte-finished ones, and look closely at the clear ones before you buy them, as well... sometimes they are opalescence and it can obscure your view of the image underneath.

Cut the paper to fit the half-marble you're going to use. While it's ok to cut out your pieces by eyeballing it, make sure to check it against the specific half-marble you're going to use, so that there are no edges that flap from the sides.

At this point you will glue your picture to the half-marble. Simple glue sticks work best for this. Cover the entire picture the glue stick.
Add stickers, etc, on top of the picture. Then cover that with the glue stick, as well.
Then stick the half marble on top. Press them together with your fingers to make sure they are smooth with no bubbles.

If you aren't using the bottle caps, then it's time to put the magnet on the back using a glue gun!

If you are using the bottle caps, put a little bit on glue (from the glue gun) on the bottom of the inside of the cap. Place the decorated half-marble inside the cap and press down. Then fill in around the edges with the glue gun. Sometimes I'll use a glitter glue stick for this part!

Don't get any stray glue on the top of the marble, because it'll mess up the picture and won't come back off! You can add glitter or confetti around the edges at this time.

Once that dries, glue the magnets to the back and you're done!

They make great presents and stocking stuffers, especially because they are so easily personable!
I used white flat marbles once, and painted (using acrylic paints) black cow splotches on them. (My family loves cows and we're always giving each other things that have to do with cows!) Be creative!


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